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Customs Agency

About Us

The agency was founded in 2004.

We're a customer-friendly company that specializes in providing customs service and solving any related issues, including the ones concerning taxes

Being a team consisting of customs agents with years of professional experience, we fully understand the scope of problems our customers expect us to take care of. That's why, when dealing with each individual case regarding customs clearance and Intrastat, we adapt to our customers' particular needs to provide friendly, professional and affordable service!

Our Offer

Representing your company before the customs office

Preparing INTRASTAT declarations and submitting them to Customs Chamber

Customs service, when making a custom declaration based on SADs

Filling out the TIR carnets, CMR documents, customs clearances in an ATA carnet

Preparing certificates of origin and EUR 1 movement certificates

Customs counseling and guidance

Submitting applications and appeals to the Customs Office

Transport of up to 3,5 t air and road cargo after the customs clearance

Paying customs dues and collecting the goods after their release

Our foundlings

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Contact Us

ul. Zarembowicza 40 room 111 (Cargo Airport area) 54-530 Wrocław

Please visit us Monday to Friday, 8:00 - 16:00

REGON: 933025986
NIP: 8992518996 (VAT ID)
KRS: 0000217066 (National Court Register number)
EORI: PL899251899600000

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